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Patricia Walter - owner/webmaster of the Surface Hippy.info Website

Patricia Walter – Owner/Webmaster of The Surface Hippy.info Website

Hip Resurfacing is very near and dear to my heart and left hip. I believe it is a wonderful alternative to a total hip replacement, if you are a suitable candidate. People with painful hips want to begin living an active life again without pain. They don’t want restrictions to their favorite sports and activities. Hip Resurfacing offers that opportunity to return to a normal active life without the fear of dislocation and other THR restrictions. Hip Resurfacing is also bone conserving. If a revision would be necessary, there is a complete femur bone left for surgery. Those two basic reasons are why I believe in hip resurfacing and have a left resurfaced hip with a BHR (Birmingham Hip Resurfacing).

I was very fortunate to meet a local man in my town that had a hip resurfacing with Dr. Amstutz in CA. He told me about the procedure. When I was searching for information about hip resurfacing, there was very little available in 2005. The Yahoo Hip Resurfacing Discussion Group was about the only resource. I wanted to share information about hip resurfacing to help people learn there is an alternative to a THR. I started the https://surfacehippy.info website as a patient guide in 2005. The website continues to grow. It features articles about hip resurfacing, hundreds and hundreds of patient stories, frequently asked questions and surgeon information. The website is a resource for perspective patients to learn about hip resurfacing.

I also wrote an ebook about my experience, Belgium and my BHR by Patricia Walter,  to help people learn more about the hip resurfacing experience. The ebook is free to download.

I work on the website every day as a full time job. It has grown and changed over the years. In 2015 I updated it to a WordPress website that is now mobile responsive for phones, tablets and laptops. About 1000+ visitors a day use the Surface Hippy Website. A large discussion group called Hip Talk has about 6200+ members and is very active. Over 2200+ personal stories are shared in the Personal Stories Section.

I often receive Thank You Notes for my efforts and donations to help support the website. I appreciate everyone’s kinds words and generous gifts. I will continue to improve the website and add information.

ReCerf Ceramic on Ceramic Hip Resurfacing Device Update by Dr. De Smet 2024

Dear Pat Here is an update of the COC ReCerf resurfacing.  Ceramic on Ceramic Device: ** I have done 250 now. The study is just continuing with over 800 done worldwide. ** Now we have 5 year results. They show no real problems, beside the usual difficulties we have seen with the MOM resurfacing, where placement must be precise and done by an experienced surgeon. With kind regards, KOEN For More Information about the Ceramic on Ceramic ReCerf Device read here:  https://surfacehippy.info/category/hip-resurfacing/hip-resurfacing-devices/recerf-ceramic-hip-resurfacing-device/

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Richard Randall’s Hip Resurfacing Dr. Galluch 2023

I wanted to share my experience at: https://www.ovsurgical.com/our-physicians/david-b-galluch-md-faaos/.   This  was my second Birmingham Hip Resurfacing in 2023.  My first was at Cleveland Clinic with Dr. Brooks in 2019.  This one went well and was back to bowhunting and showing wrestling technique in 3 months.  Dr. Galluch spent some time with Brooks.  Just thought I would share another Dr. with great results in Ohio. Continue reading →
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Chris Affinati’s Bilateral Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Domb 2023

“Hi, my name is Chris Affinati. I graduated from Sacred Heart University, where I played Division I NCAA Hockey. I played 18 years of professional hockey. When I first noticed my hips, it was in 2002. I was playing for Sacred Heart University, my hips were very stiff, a lot of weakness, a lot of pain. I think it was 2019, my hips started to get really bad, to the point where I had zero internal and external rotation. With my active lifestyle and things I was still doing, we went with the Birmingham. We did my left and then 2 weeks later we did my right. For the surgery it took my a little bit to get back, but I had a great physical therapists who helped me rehab and get back. At 44 years old, with my skating ability, I feel like I can jump back in and Continue reading →

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20 year Long-Term Clinical Outcome of Biomet M2a-38 by Dr. Gross 2023

Read Complete Study Here:  https://surfacehippy.info/pdf/dr-gross-2023-20year-survivorship-study.pdf Abstract Background At the turn of the century, over one‑third of total hip arthroplasties comprised metal‑on‑metal bear‑ ings. As this patient population and their implants age, it is crucial to understand associated late failure modes and expected long‑term functional outcomes. We report the long‑term results of a large metal‑on‑metal unce‑ mented total hip arthroplasty system with unique design characteristics compared to others that have been reported with high failure rates. Methods We retrospectively analyze our prospective clinical database to determine overall implant survivorship and functional outcomes. Further, we compare these results to the clinical outcomes reported in orthopedic registries and in other published studies with similar metal‑on‑metal total hip arthroplasty cohorts. Results Implant survivorship at 10 years was 99.1% and continued to 97.6% survivorship at 20 years. Implant sur‑ vivorship at 20 years did not vary significantly between sexes (Male: 98.3%, Female: 97.2%; log‑rank p‑value Continue reading →

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Nick’s Hip Resurfacing with Dr. Brooks 2024

I am a 28yo male who just had Left Hip Resurfacing at the Cleveland Clinic in Vero Beach, FL on January 31, 2024. I wanted to tell everyone my story as it definitely helped me with making my decision, so hopefully it will help others too! In 2017 I started having a pinching in my left hip during my college lectures. I thought it was nothing, but eventually it got to the point where I decide to go see a doctor. They said it was torn labrum and I could go ahead and get an arthroscopic surgery to get it repaired and everything would be dandy. Being a naive 22yo, I trusted them and went ahead with it. Turns out when they went in I also had bone spurs and grade 3 arthritis in that hip. The doc said that the right hip was likely the same way. This was Continue reading →

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JEL’s Jointmedica Polymotion Hip Resurfacing with Dr Bill Farrington 2023

I’ve benefited greatly from reading posts on this site over the last few years (thanks Pat) so thought I’d pass on my experience. I had the new Jointmedica Polymotion Hip Resurfacing with Dr Bill Farrington in Auckland NZ about 4.5 months ago and it’s been a life changer. I’m at the stage now where I barely know I’ve had surgery. I’m still protecting it but have been for a few light runs (5-10min) and a light hit of Tennis and it felt good (still weak though). To note that sort of activity wasn’t recommended by my doctor, I’ve been advised to take it easy which I will but it’s easy to forget with the way it feels now. Seems to have made big improvements in the last 4-6 weeks. Background: Bilateral FAI and labral tears, had surgery for cam lesion removal and labral repair when I moved to London with Continue reading →

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Spartykus’s Hip Resurfacing with Mr Shakir Hussain 2022

Update September 4, 2023 So it is Friday, the anniversary but today’s close enough, I am a year in. Yesterday I accompanied by 78 year old dad on his stock 20 mile bike ride. Hes fit and I can never catch him in the last mile when he kicks. Yesterday for the first time, I did keep with him! I can say too that apart from still a little feeling (not discomfort, just ‘knowledge its there’) of the scar, I feel like I have an 18 year old hip again. Im 54. I have an amazing range of movement, and I am not a yoga junkie. I can easily cross legs / see under my foot / tie laces / sit crosslegged all day long. The knee will not. Ome right up to my chest, not quite, but I am not bothered really? And of course, zero pain. I am Continue reading →

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