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Poetry and Art by Patricia Walter
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Joint Health Sites LLC features a family of Patient Information Websites about joint pain, joint replacement and associated health problems. Patricia Walter is the owner and webmaster for the websites including Surface Hippy, Hips for You, Knees for You and Joint Pain Site.

The websites are all patient guides to various joint and health problems.  Surface Hippy was the first website that Patricia designed.  She realized people wanted unbiased information about hip replacement since most doctors do not have time to explain the procedure in depth.  Also many doctors are not up to date about new procedures that might help people. She had a hip resurfacing in 2006 by Dr. De Smet of Belgium and felt it very important to share information about Hip Resurfaccing..  As Surface Hippy grew and became very popular, Patricia developed a family of joint related websites as sister sites.

All of the Joint Health Sites LLC websites are patient guides, they are not controlled by medical companies, doctors or hospitals. They are resources for patients to exchange information and learn because doctors often don’t have time to explain problems and procedures to patients. They are not meant to provide patient assistance or mecial advice – each person must contact their own doctor/surgeon to decide what is the best course of action for them.


The Joint Health Sites LLC Family of Websites are:

Surface Hippy

Hip Resurfacing News


Patricia Walter is the Owner of Joint Health Sites LLC and also has a website called Nursing Home Diaries.

She also features her paintings and poetry at A Poets Corner

Mission Statement

Joint Health Sites LLC does not provide medical advice. It is designed to support, not to replace, the relationship between patient and clinician.

Advertising – Revenue from this site is derived from commercial advertising and individual donations. Any advertisement is distinguished by the word “advertisement”

Privacy – Joint Health Sites LLC does not share email addresses or personal information with any group or organization.

Content – Joint Health Sites LLC is not controlled or influenced by any medical companies, doctors or hospitals.

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